Badab-e-Surt in Northern Iran

One of the natural wonders of Iran is the Badab-e-Surt. Located in Mazandaran Province, Badab-e-Surt is a step-terraced hot spring formed over the years by the deposits of minerals dissolved in water that’s flowing from the hot springs. The name of the place comes from the Persian words meaning gassed water, and the old name for the village near the springs, which means intensity.


There are two types of mineral springs that caused the formation of the terraces. The first type of spring is composed of salty water that accumulates in small natural pools. People believe that the water has medicinal properties that cure rheumatism and skin conditions. The second spring contains water that has a sour taste and is orange in color. The orange hue comes from the high concentration of iron oxide.



When light hits the terraces of Badab-e-Surt the right way, the pools glow with yellow, orange, and red hues. The water reflects the clouds and sky to provide some gray and blue to the mix. As a result, the pools have rich natural tones.


Getting to Badab-e-Surt is hard. However, it is definitely worth the effort. It is around 60 miles away from the city of Sari. It requires going through winding roads and unpaved mountain passes. Two routes lead to the location: Semnan and Mazandaran.


The Semnan route goes through Semnan City, Mahdishahr, Shahmirzad, and finally Orost. The Mazandaran route is the more scenic one and goes through Sari and the forests of Kiasar before reaching Orost.


Badab-e-Surt is a must-visit place when you visit Iran. It is one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the country, and definitely worth the journey. When you are planning to go there, it is important to choose when to go as summer days are hot and dry, while winters are rainy and mild.      


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